DONUTS Prevent Scurvy!! …or at least that’s what they were intended to do.

There’s an interesting article at that delves into the strange and delicious history of donuts.  Back in the mid-1800’s, there was this gal named Elizabeth Gregory whose son was the captain of a trading ship in the New England area.  To help prevent his sailors from falling to scurvy, Elizabeth would make her son’s crew an early form of donut that was made with lemon rinds, along with cinnamon, nutmeg, and nuts (that actually sounds pretty tasty).  Would you eat the Anti-Scurvy Donut?  Let us know!


On a side note, her son, Captain Gregory, is credited with being the first to put the beloved hole in the middle of the donut.  Before he got creative, donuts (dough nuts as they were then referred to) were basically a ball of dough that had been flavored and fried, often leaving the middle slightly doughy and uncooked.  So, Captain Gregory got the bright idea of cutting the middles out, thus creating “the first doughnut hole ever seen by mortal eyes.”  (He literally said that…)